Family Mediation Solutions

Family Mediation Solutions

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We are professional, accredited Solicitor mediators, helping our clients to make their own arrangements together and to resolve family issues amicably.

About Family Mediation Solutions

Our accredited team are able to assist you with all areas of family disputes including children and financial matters.

Our process allows us to provide a forum for discussions to take place in a neutral environment with a view to those issues being aired and hopefully overcome.

You will have the opportunity to talk about your views and feelings and what you would wish to achieve. The process will involve negotiation taking place between the clients to try and reach an agreed resolution.

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There are lots of benefits to using mediation to try and resolve an area of dispute.

If you have to go to court to resolve a dispute, the court will make decisions about what should happen and one or both of you may not be happy with the outcome. Mediation gives you the opportunity to try and find a solution.

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